Countless Namegivers have invoked Jaspree’s name during the past hundred years as people across Barsaive have revived farmlands and forests devastated during the Scourge.

Moved by his deep love of all growing things, Jaspree has answered the call of his followers. He wanders under the deep shadows cast by flowering trees and stops to smell the smallest wildflowers that line Barsaive’s well-travelled roads. Thanks to his aid, the world has grown green and rich with life in the years since the end of the Scourge.

Growth, Care of the Land, Love of the Wilderness

Typical Appearance
Jaspree usually manifests as a male or female creature, half animal and half any Namegiver race

Common Elements
Trees, farms, forests, seeds

Jaspree encourages growth in plants, animals and Namegivers; animates plants; speaks with animals; and travels through dirt as if swimming through water.
(from Player’s Companion)


Blinking into the sunlight Psychman