A Quick Guide to The Passions

The Passions are living embodiments of collective emotions and ideals in the world. They exist to promulgate and encourage the expression of those ideals, no matter the cost to individuals. any name giver can commit to a Passion and gain some powers from it, related to the nature of the particular Passion, whether or not the person is an adept. These people are called Questors.

The Passions are:

Astendar The Passion of Love, Art and Music

Chorrolis The Passion of Wealth, Trade, Jealousy and Desire

Erendis The Passion of Order, Bureaucracy and Work

Floranuus The Passion of Revelry, Energy, Victory and Motion

Garlen The Passion of Hearth and Healing

Jaspree The Passion of Growth, Care of the Land, Love of the Wilderness

Lochost The Passion of Rebellion, Change and Freedom

Mynbruje The Passion of Justice, Compassion, Empathy and Truth

Rashomon The Passion of Leadership, Endurance, Tolerance and Perseverance

Thystonius The Passion of Physical Conflict and Valor

Upandal The Passion of Building, Constructing and Planning

Vestrial The Passion of Trickery, Manipulation and Deceit

Something has changed since the Scourge with Erendis, Rashomon, and Vestrial…

See also Dis, Raggok.

A Quick Guide to The Passions

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