Blinking into the sunlight

Trying to move on
Session 9

Scene 1: After the events of the invasion of Alt Geboren the party return to Bad Stromberg to spread the news of the coming of the Darians. A meeting is held for all of the members fo the village, to decide what to do. A lively discussion begins with the party and Helmut arguing to fight the Darians and Jarvis on the other side calling to submit. At the end it is agreed that the village will return to the Kaer and hide from the Darians. In the meantime the party will travel to Travar to sell the treasure from the looted Kaers, buy armanents for the village, get rid of the marks and pick up rumours.

Scene 2; A number of carts are hired to take them and the stuff to Travar. The trip is mostly without incident apart from an attack by some horror-corrupted spirits. They safely arrive at Travar but get ripped off by a ferryman along the way.

Scene 3: Once safely ensconced in Travar the party sets about the task of trading. They manage to sell all the stuff and get armanants and armour for the whole illage, a good surplus of money and a counter-spell staff.

Playing with elemental fire
Session 8

This session picks up right after the end of the previous one. The party have just finished training with more advanced adepts when a rider comes rushing in and declares that the Darian Empire has laid siege to Urupa and one of thier floating towers is coming this way.

Scene 1: After quickly interviewing a Wizard they discover that the Darians were ruled by the Therans for 500 years before the scourge but nothing has been heard of them since. The town prepares to send out an envoy under a peace banner and the party follow him out to go talk to the Darians. The castle lands an envoy who declares that Barsaive is now part of the Darian Empire and subject to the Peacock Throne. The town submits and the Darian Emissary is invited into the town. The party is left standing at the foot of the castle. They realise that Hoot has gone missing and conclude [correctly] that he has snuck into the castle and got captured. Dolgrim throws up a grapple line and he, Grug and Ibon attempt to climg in through a gun port. The remaining party members travel back to town.

Scene 2: The party members attempting to climb into the castle are caught and interrogated. They fail to show any sort of contrition for thier actions and only serve to annoy the Darians. Meanwhile Darktray creates some disguises so that they can pretend to be the Darians. After a failed attempt to steal the Darian land yacht and sneak into the meeting room they lie low until nightfall. During the night they attempt to sow discord by going into pubs dressed as the Darians and causing a scene. They also set fire to the house of a prominent member of the town guild dressed as Darians.

Scene 3: The captured party members are taken to the town square for branding as thieves and morons. Darktray throws an Astral spear at the envoy and panic ensues. Darktray retreats out of the square, puts on his costume and returns to try and sneak on to the castle that has come to pick up the envoy. They see through his costume and he gets shot and captured too. Kun’Uego and Kret’chor run and hide.

Scene 4: In the castle Dolgrim persuades the Darians not to execute them all. Instead Hoot, Dolgrim, Ibon, Darktray and Grug are branded with a glowing crystal that is pushed into thier foreheads. The glow passes though any sort of covering and the Darians tell them that they can use it to tell you where they are. After the marking the captured party members are released and the whole party returns to Bad Stromberg to tell of the invasion.

Thunder Mountain Gaming
Session 7

Important Standings and Ranks
Trick Shooting: Dolgrim 2nd, Hoot 4th
Wrestling: Grug 3rd
Feat of Strength: Ibon
Fly Cross: Hoot Joint 1st
Fencing: Kun’uego 1st
Magical Combat: Darktray 2nd
Boxing: Dolgrim 2nd
Freestyle Pairs Combat: Grug and Darktray 1st, Kun’uego and Ibon 2nd

The citizens of Bad Stromberg managed to prove themselves might contenders [in the novice category] and seized a slew of trophies. The real champion of the games [in the novice category] was the dwarf, Willum Stronginthearm winning Gold in the Wrestling, the Feat of Strength and the Boxing. The absolute highlight was the grudge match between the pairs of contenders from Bad Stromberg. There was a lot of smack talk going on before and during the match but that put none of the contenders off. On one team Darktray Spirit Gripped the fight out of Ibon, single handedly doing every bit of damage to thier opponents. Grug simply sat there and tried to absorb as much damage as he could. Seeing the weak point in the team, Kun’uego swooped over and knocked Darktray out but to no avail and Grug and Darktray carried the game.

The party then had time to train up with thier masters as is traditional after the end of the games, when training often takes place. They were just about to leave when a ride bolts into town declaring that Urupa is under siege by the Darian Empire and one of thier floating castles is approaching the town.

My dinner with Zom-dre
Session 6

Scene 1: After a small amount of time spent in the village after the battle with the ant queen, Helmut gathers together the party and sends them off to investigate the unopened Kaer at the south-west end of the Thunder Mountains. The weather is fine and due to thier expertise they find the Kaer without much difficulty. They find the doors of the Kaer wide open but there are no signs of a struggle or the horrifying violations such as those in Kaer Zweibel. They come into a high ceilinged greeting room decorated with wood panelling in a Tudor style, although time has caused the paint on the walls to crack and the furniture is worn and riddled with worm holes. The group start opening doors and enter a long storeroom. From inside they hear the stone Kaer doors close and an army of Cadavermen appear out of the gloom trapping them.

Scene 2: One of the Cadavermen pipes up and insists that the party come to dinner. They are shown to a large dinning room where another slightly better dressed Cadaverman sits. The Cadaverman introduces itself in a voice that clearly does not fit the body as Torketh Gundred. The party sit stupefied as a bowl of rank, stagnant soup is poured. All but Ibon refuse to eat the soup and discussions get very tense. Kret’chor calls Torketh mad and for his troubles gets his arm broken by one of the Cadavermen. Hoot Blackhawk excuses himself to go to the loo and makes plans to fight their way out. Meanwhile Kun’Uego starts making a scene and tensions rise again. Everything calms a little when the party manage to persuade Torketh that Hoot Blackhawk and Dolgrim should go into the kitchen and prepare something edible.

Scene 3: Whilst the kitchen is in use, Torketh tells some of her story, how she was born in a Kaer in the dragon mountains but felt suffocated and so left. Meanwhile the party members in the kitchen form a plan to assassinate the talking Cadaverman through use of a flaming arrow. Torketh is telling the story of how she arrived at the Kaer and found her way in when Hoot and Dolgrim burst in and shoot the Cadaverman in the head. Chaos erupts, Cadavermen seize Hoot and Dolgrim and Dolgrim is manoeuvred to a position where he can have his hand cut off by one of the Cadavermen. Kun’Uego jumps to his feet and demands to be set free. Ibon manages to assuage the anger of the Nethermancer by offering Kret’chor in servant-hood, which Kret’chor readily agrees to. For insulting the Torketh, Hoot is confined to the bathroom and the dinner party continues.

Scene 4: Wine is brought up from the cellar and Kret’chor serves the Salmon cooked by Hoot. Hoot makes use of his time in the bathroom to attempt to escape by climbing down the toilet. He finds that the toilet is a simple pit dug beneath the loo and so is forced to climb back out. The party persuade Torketh to be allowed back to the table and tension is much eased by the liberal application of fine wine. Kret’chor then makes pudding using wine and trail rations. After dinner the party is given a tour of the Kaer and invited to the the retiring room for Brandy and Cigars. They play a number of games of cards before Bridge is suggested. Torketh is overjoyed by the suggestion and orders Kret’chor to bring her down to the retiring room. The dinner party is abruptly ended when Hoot stabs Torketh whilst they play bridge.

Creepier Crawlies
Session 5

Scene 1: The village is visited by a travelling troubadour on his way to a grand competition in Throal. He tells of a number pieces of news; a slave revolt in northern Thera close to the newly formed city of Cara Fahd, The northern city of Iopos has closed it’s doors to outsiders, A number of castles of unknown origin have been seen floating over the Aras sea by merchants, There is a conclave of the questors of Jaspree in Traver and Throal is considering giving Bartertown a Charter. The party also learns of the Thunder Mountain Games to be held at the end of September.

A Dwarven Road Warden by the name of Dolgrim arrives at the village. He has been brought in by Helmut to advise on the building of defences for the village. The party then set off for the former Kaer of Bad Ulricsberg.

Scene 2: Upon arriving at the Kaer they find the area around it stripped of significant vegetation. Dolgrim examines the scene and discovers that there are giant ants living in the Kaer, creatures renowned for hoarding bits of metal and other shiny things. He also finds that the way to get rid of them is to kill the queen. The party slowly and carefully make their way down into the Kaer. They soon bump into a worker ants which takes a sniff, expels a cloud of fumes that smell like bleach and coal and then runs away. A short time later the party is ambushed by a number of soldier ants. They fight them off without too much difficulty.

Scene 3: The party cover themselves in the blood of the soldier ants in order to act as a disguise. They then venture deeper into the Kaer. They find a large junction area where hundreds of ants of many different kinds are passing through. They easily explore the Kaer finding a number of Mycoreums where fungi are grown and the party is nearly overwhelmed by the apathic spores. They move through a number of rest areas, herd rooms filled with giant aphids and areas where larvae and pupae are nursed. One area is strangely deserted but the party trooped through regardless. While travelling through the room, Grug Ironblood drops through a trapdoor and is assaulted by a giant spider. He is quickly poisoned and cocooned and the spider starts to eat him. The rest of the party jump to the rescue and the spider is slain before it can finish off Grug Ironblood .

Scene 4: Passing deeper into the Kaer they find the Queen sat on a small island in what was once the growing area of the Kaer. Realising their intentions the queen summons soldiers to aid her and it becomes a desperate battle to take out the queen before they are overwhelmed by soldier ants rushing to her rescue. She is killed but both Grug Ironblood and Kret’chor are badly wounded in the fight. The exhausted party find a number of items with a magical signature and haul as much of the Queen’s hoarded metal back to the village as possible.

Lurking in the dark
Session 4

Scene 1: The party are told by Helmut, the Kaer leader that the village is running low on materials such as metal. They are told that there are two Kaers nearby that have not emerged and the former Kaer of Bad Ulricsberg may also hold significant material. They decide to travel to Kaer Zweibel, two days journey away.

Scene 2: After searching for a number of hours they come across a likely looking cave system. They explore the caves and eventually find a hidden door, crafted to look like a plain rock face. They open the door and travel down, finding the wards on the doors breached and the massive stone slabs hanging open.

Scene 3: Travelling into the Kaer proper they find the common room filled with broken barricades and dead soldiers. Whilst searching through the bodies Kret’chor comes across some dried fernweave armour. Tentatively the party pushes deeper into the Kaer, alert for possible ambush. They pass through a number of levels, uninhabited for a number of years. Eventually they come across the room where the vast majority of people were killed in a horrific and drawn out manner. The gut wrenching horror is too much for some members and they are overwhelmed by the atmosphere. They are eventually able to move past and find a garden area totally stripped of life.

Scene 4: After much discussion the party decide to move the bodies to the garden area and burn them all. After a very difficult couple of hours they retire to bed outside of the Kaer. Upon waking they return to the Kaer and Darktray realises that there is no water source. They look round, investigating a nearby stream and eventually return to the gardens. Once there Hoot Blackhawk discovers that there is a sealed section.

Scene 5: The party open the sealed section to find a group of 25 Orks hidden in a second garden area. The Orks plead with the party to be left alone. Kret’chor stays with the Orks whilst the party return to the village and summon the help of Victor Ranrk and Ubrak Ranrk. They gather that strongest willed villagers and return to the Kaer. The bodies are then taken out of the Kaer and burned outside. The survivors are escorted to the farm that Ubrak Ranrk and Victor Ranrk run for rehabilitation.

Behind the (Elemental) Iron Curtain
Session 3

Scene 1: The party arrives at the town of Althaven at 1 in the afternoon. After briefly being dazed by the reek of a medieval town they enter and attempt to extract information for a nearby tavern, The Drowned Duck. The only occupant, a one armed Orc barman is not particularly helpful and the only piece of info they can garner is that all visitors are kicked out of the city at 3.They leave the city and make camp on the other side of the river.

Scene 2: Hoot Blackhawk takes uses the cover of darkness to sneak into the city and scope it out. He finds nothing suspicious other than a large number of people leaving the temple.

Scene 3: The party return to the city the following day for further nosing around. Darktray talks enters a weavers shop and discovers that the astral aura of the shop owner is unusually weak. He also discovers that the name of the town lord is Lord Renly. The others enter a blacksmiths and fence the loot liberated from the bandits. On the way to the temple they discover that all the residents have down cast auras.

Scene 4: The party visit the temple and discover nothing of any interest other than the fact that the statues of three of the gods are missing. When leaving they are surrounded by the captain of the guard and his goons. After a couple of convincing if not particularly well thought out lies they are escorted to the castle.

Scene 5: Hoot Blackhawk sneaks away under the cover of a very convincing distraction by Grug Ironblood and Kun’Uego is taken in to give a (non-existent) message to Lord Renly. Kun’Uego’s conversation with Lord Renly does not go well and the whole party other than Hoot Blackhawk is ejected from the city.

Scene 6: Whilst the rest of the party reunites with Kret’chor and Ibon, Hoot Blackhawk hides in the castle. After being forced to feel from the castle guards, Hoot Blackhawk discovers a number of speeches written by Lord Renly for the local priest reinforcing a cult of personality. He then rejoins the others.

Scene 7: Their mission complete. The party return to Kaer Bad Stromberg, advise them to avoid the city like the pague and aid the village in moving to the pre-scourage site of thier village.

Meeting new people
Session 2

Scene 1: The party arrived at an idylic Orc farm where they worked in exchange for Liver Melt™ moonshine, eggs, milk and a place to sleep. They found that the Orcs don’t like to visit Althaven because they feel unwelcome there. The party was requested to take an Orc thief known as Kret’chor to Althaven with them as the farmer was sick of him stealing things. An Obsidiman farm hand known as Ibon also left the farm due to wanderlust.

Scene 2: The party stop at the village of Bad Ulricsberg for the night and enjoy the hospitality of the local tavern run by a retired wizard. And a very merry time is had by all.

Scene 3: Continuing on their way, the party is ambushed by a bunch of bandits. The bandits are driven off but not before knocking Hoot unconcious. Finally they arrive at Althaven but not before spending a sodden rain soaked night in the (totally inadequate) shelter of a large rock.

Opening the floodgates
Session 1

Scene 1: There is a great debate and vote on whether to open up the Kaer to the outside world or not. The vote goes strongly in favour of opening. The opening is put off for a week.

Scene 2: The party manage to wangle their way towards having the privilege of being the first residents of Bad Stromberg out into the outside world. Tension is high as the doors open but no one is immediately swallowed by a horror. After 20 mins of trudging through caves they arrive in the outside world…

Scene 3: After telling the residents that all is safe in the outside world they are sent to investigate the nearest town to see if all is safe in the Barsaive.


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