Kun'Uego Janatharel Tarnils

Elven Swordmaster; seeking fame, fortune and Big Hats, who came through the Thunder Mountain Games without a scratch!


Elf Swordmaster Circle 4

DEX 16(7), STR 13(6), TOU 13(6), PER 14(6), WIL 13(6), CHA 16(7)

Karma 12/16
Initiative 7(d12)

Physical Defence 9, Spell Defence 8, Social Defence 10
Armour(Espagra-Scale Cloak) 3, Mystic Armour 2

Recovery 6(d10) 2/day
Unconscious 27+18=45
Death 35+21=56
Wound Threshold 9

Current Damage 3
Current Wounds 0(0)

Discipline Talents
Karma Ritual 4
Maneuver 4(11)
Melee weapons 4(11)
Parry 4(11)
Taunt 4(11)
Heartening Laugh 4(11)
Riposte 4(11)
Weapon Weaving [Thread weaving] 1(7)

Non Discipline Talents
First Impression 3(10)
Durability(7/6) 3
Wound Balance 3(9)
Avoid Blow 3(10)

Discipline Abilities & Bonuses
+1 Social Defence (included)
Can spend 1 Karma Point on any DEX-only test

Dancing (Artisan) 1(8)
Speak Language(Throalic, Sperethial) 2(8)
Read/Write Language (Throalic) 1(7)
Legends & Heroes (Knowledge) 2(8)
Conversation 2(9)
Throwing Weapons 2(9)
Etiquette 2(9)
Engaging Banter 2(9)
Rhetoric 2(8)

Weapons (Damage includes str)
Broadsword: Damage 12 (1/3)
Dagger: Damage 8 (

Blood Magic
Wound Balance Charm (3 blood Magic Damage): 1 strain for +3 Knockdown Test

Current Legend Points: 20
Total Legend Points: 11550
Renown: 15 (Target Number for others to know about me)
Reputation: +1


An incurable romantic, Kun’Uego spent his childhood revelling in the Tales of Derring-do of pre-Scourge Heroes as recorded in the few books that Bad Stromberg kept. He modelled himself on his imaginary heroes, and spent many hours practicing with the sword through an obstacle course he, his best friend the T’skrang Ssh’Kasta and some friends set up.

The first son of the gruff, down to earth farmer, Yalathael, and his wife Liliandera, a retired “dancing girl” formally known as “Big-hearted Lil”, Kun’Uego is a constant disappointment to his father who would prefer him to settle down with a nice girl and a stable job, and leave the “dancing and prancing about” for it’s proper place, the seasonal festival. Kun’Uego’s brother, Eirdeth is proving to be a chip off his father’s block, with real green fingers, helping to restore Bad Stromberg’s fields and kitchen gardens and the village is already whispering that he has Jaspree’s hands.

Endlessly optimistic and cheerful, Kun’Uego proved to be very popular company with the young women of the Kaer, not always with the approval of their parents, who thought he had his head in the clouds, and was wasting time poring through storybooks and indulging in pointless acrobatics instead of learning something useful. Achieving Adepthood has silenced some of the voices, and Kun’Uego’s smooth manner has suppressed others but many still wonder what use such a flippant soul can be in the establishment of a new stable settlement.

“Still, with all the world to explore and experience, at least he’s got less time to charm my daughter…”

Kun’Uego is proud that he came through the Thunder Mountain combat events without taking a single hit or touch, and is making sure everyone is aware of this!

Kun'Uego Janatharel Tarnils

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