Hoot Blackhawk

Windling Windscout, Resident of Bad Stromberg


It’s not easy being small, when everyone around you is at least three times your height and no matter what you do, no matter what you accomplish, no matter the obstacles you overcome; everyone looks at you and says, “Awww! Look at the widdle windling acting tough!”
It was as hard for us, in the kaer, as for everyone else, in some ways worse. I know the ‘biggers’ called our area “Twinkle Town.” Everything we got was cast off, handed down, broken and just unwanted.
I’m not saying it was deliberate, but we never had the loudest voice in council. Decisions always went against us, always have.
Grug‘s the only person I’ve met who sees me as a man first and a windling second. He never sees cute, he sees strong. Mind you, I think I’m the only person who looks at him and doesn’t see 8 feet of smithying muscle. I can see his sensitivity.
I think that’s why we get on. We feel safe to let our guard down with each other.

Coming out (of the kaer, that is :) ) was a shock. I think we all, everyone in the town, went a bit crazy at first. Do you know what it’s like to see the sun for the first time? I mean, you’ve known about it all your life, heard tales at your auntie’s knee, but to see it… it’s a light you don’t have to turn off because, “Resources are scarce, you know.” It’s warmth; it’s life.
There’s wind, real wind. I always thought I was one of the bravest flyball players, one of the best flyers in the kaer and now I find I get vertigo. I’m working on it. I keep pushing myself, but seriously? a windling afraid of heights?

There’re so many people out here. For the first time since I was a baby, I’m meeting people I’ve never met before. I’m meeting people I’m never going to see again. It can be hard to remember my manners, sometimes. I guess I need Grug to remind me to calm down.
- Note to self, when in a strange tavern, remember not to match Grug drink-for-drink.

The other adepts I’m with seem OK. Kun’Uego‘s a decent guy, if a bit pushy with strangers. Sometimes he can be a bit aggressive. Still, I know I prefer to hang back. It’s my style.
Darktray seems all right even if his taste in clothing is a little… unusual. Then again, who am I to judge? He was very understanding when I puked all over him.
Ibon and Kretchor, the two strangers? I like them. They fought alongside us, even when they didn’t have to. That deserves respect.

You want to know the oddest thing? When we lived down below (and that seems lifetimes ago, it’s so different living without the fear that I sometimes feel my memories belong to someone else and I’m just borrowing them) I dreamed of leaving the kaer and just wandering, just to get away from everyone else.
Now we’re out; I’m looking at this new village as my home. I want to build a life here. I know that I’m never going to marry or have kids but I’ve got my cousins and my oldest friend, Darin, just had a baby boy and named him after me. How can I leave that behind?
I’ve got my eye on a nice little plot of land, near a trout stream. I’ve just got to work out how to build a bathroom so Grug can have those long soaks he loves so much.

Oh yeah, I know some people say that Amin‘s a better flyball player than me. That’s bollocks. The guy’s a total dick.

For those who care, here’s a little sketch of my life… well, my relationships…
Hoots relationships

Hoot Blackhawk

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