Laconic Human Nethermancer, Resident of Bad Stromberg


Tacit, impatient and often immoral, yet always intricately dressed, he is Darktray.

Born into Kaer of Bad Stromberg, Darktray’s childhood was largely undistinguished, or at least that is the impression any listener garners whenever Darktray deigns to talk about his formative years. Upon reaching adolescence, however, he quickly realized his potential for the dark magiks, and soon discovered a particular affinity with Nethermancy. Largely shunned by his peers Darktray practiced and honed his art furtively and in secret, avoiding doing too much that would draw attention to his nascent abilities. In order to maintain an air of normality, Darktray picked up skills in fine tailoring and thread-work, soon discovering he was able to produce works of the finest quality available in the Kaer.

As an adult Darktray continued to develop both his artisan and magik abilities and, though often thought of by others as a solitary figure, could be seen ambling around the Kaer in flamboyant (yet always tasteful) attire.

Following the great opening of the Kaer Darktray can now be found consorting with a rag-tag group of adventurers, primarily as a means of furthering his ever-growing knowledge of forbidden subjects and sought after magikal artifacts.


Blinking into the sunlight Darktray