Blinking into the sunlight

Trying to move on

Session 9

Scene 1: After the events of the invasion of Alt Geboren the party return to Bad Stromberg to spread the news of the coming of the Darians. A meeting is held for all of the members fo the village, to decide what to do. A lively discussion begins with the party and Helmut arguing to fight the Darians and Jarvis on the other side calling to submit. At the end it is agreed that the village will return to the Kaer and hide from the Darians. In the meantime the party will travel to Travar to sell the treasure from the looted Kaers, buy armanents for the village, get rid of the marks and pick up rumours.

Scene 2; A number of carts are hired to take them and the stuff to Travar. The trip is mostly without incident apart from an attack by some horror-corrupted spirits. They safely arrive at Travar but get ripped off by a ferryman along the way.

Scene 3: Once safely ensconced in Travar the party sets about the task of trading. They manage to sell all the stuff and get armanants and armour for the whole illage, a good surplus of money and a counter-spell staff.



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