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Thunder Mountain Gaming

Session 7

Important Standings and Ranks
Trick Shooting: Dolgrim 2nd, Hoot 4th
Wrestling: Grug 3rd
Feat of Strength: Ibon
Fly Cross: Hoot Joint 1st
Fencing: Kun’uego 1st
Magical Combat: Darktray 2nd
Boxing: Dolgrim 2nd
Freestyle Pairs Combat: Grug and Darktray 1st, Kun’uego and Ibon 2nd

The citizens of Bad Stromberg managed to prove themselves might contenders [in the novice category] and seized a slew of trophies. The real champion of the games [in the novice category] was the dwarf, Willum Stronginthearm winning Gold in the Wrestling, the Feat of Strength and the Boxing. The absolute highlight was the grudge match between the pairs of contenders from Bad Stromberg. There was a lot of smack talk going on before and during the match but that put none of the contenders off. On one team Darktray Spirit Gripped the fight out of Ibon, single handedly doing every bit of damage to thier opponents. Grug simply sat there and tried to absorb as much damage as he could. Seeing the weak point in the team, Kun’uego swooped over and knocked Darktray out but to no avail and Grug and Darktray carried the game.

The party then had time to train up with thier masters as is traditional after the end of the games, when training often takes place. They were just about to leave when a ride bolts into town declaring that Urupa is under siege by the Darian Empire and one of thier floating castles is approaching the town.


Grudge match? Is that how it was seen? Kun’Uego left the contest mortified at how much he hurt his friends and resolved to never cut that deep again unless lives depend on it.

He then went shopping with his prize money to try and begin to make it up to those he hurt, namely Darktray and Grug.

Thunder Mountain Gaming

Oh, and there was no mention of the fact that Kun’Uego went through the games with out taking a scratch. Has this happened before, and can Kun’Uego claim any Bragging Rights for this feat?

Thunder Mountain Gaming

It was more between Grug and Ibon than on your part. Incidentally as far as I can see Swordmasters take bragging rights from anything and everything, whether they deserve it or not.

Thunder Mountain Gaming

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