Blinking into the sunlight

Playing with elemental fire

Session 8

This session picks up right after the end of the previous one. The party have just finished training with more advanced adepts when a rider comes rushing in and declares that the Darian Empire has laid siege to Urupa and one of thier floating towers is coming this way.

Scene 1: After quickly interviewing a Wizard they discover that the Darians were ruled by the Therans for 500 years before the scourge but nothing has been heard of them since. The town prepares to send out an envoy under a peace banner and the party follow him out to go talk to the Darians. The castle lands an envoy who declares that Barsaive is now part of the Darian Empire and subject to the Peacock Throne. The town submits and the Darian Emissary is invited into the town. The party is left standing at the foot of the castle. They realise that Hoot has gone missing and conclude [correctly] that he has snuck into the castle and got captured. Dolgrim throws up a grapple line and he, Grug and Ibon attempt to climg in through a gun port. The remaining party members travel back to town.

Scene 2: The party members attempting to climb into the castle are caught and interrogated. They fail to show any sort of contrition for thier actions and only serve to annoy the Darians. Meanwhile Darktray creates some disguises so that they can pretend to be the Darians. After a failed attempt to steal the Darian land yacht and sneak into the meeting room they lie low until nightfall. During the night they attempt to sow discord by going into pubs dressed as the Darians and causing a scene. They also set fire to the house of a prominent member of the town guild dressed as Darians.

Scene 3: The captured party members are taken to the town square for branding as thieves and morons. Darktray throws an Astral spear at the envoy and panic ensues. Darktray retreats out of the square, puts on his costume and returns to try and sneak on to the castle that has come to pick up the envoy. They see through his costume and he gets shot and captured too. Kun’Uego and Kret’chor run and hide.

Scene 4: In the castle Dolgrim persuades the Darians not to execute them all. Instead Hoot, Dolgrim, Ibon, Darktray and Grug are branded with a glowing crystal that is pushed into thier foreheads. The glow passes though any sort of covering and the Darians tell them that they can use it to tell you where they are. After the marking the captured party members are released and the whole party returns to Bad Stromberg to tell of the invasion.



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