Blinking into the sunlight

My dinner with Zom-dre

Session 6

Scene 1: After a small amount of time spent in the village after the battle with the ant queen, Helmut gathers together the party and sends them off to investigate the unopened Kaer at the south-west end of the Thunder Mountains. The weather is fine and due to thier expertise they find the Kaer without much difficulty. They find the doors of the Kaer wide open but there are no signs of a struggle or the horrifying violations such as those in Kaer Zweibel. They come into a high ceilinged greeting room decorated with wood panelling in a Tudor style, although time has caused the paint on the walls to crack and the furniture is worn and riddled with worm holes. The group start opening doors and enter a long storeroom. From inside they hear the stone Kaer doors close and an army of Cadavermen appear out of the gloom trapping them.

Scene 2: One of the Cadavermen pipes up and insists that the party come to dinner. They are shown to a large dinning room where another slightly better dressed Cadaverman sits. The Cadaverman introduces itself in a voice that clearly does not fit the body as Torketh Gundred. The party sit stupefied as a bowl of rank, stagnant soup is poured. All but Ibon refuse to eat the soup and discussions get very tense. Kret’chor calls Torketh mad and for his troubles gets his arm broken by one of the Cadavermen. Hoot Blackhawk excuses himself to go to the loo and makes plans to fight their way out. Meanwhile Kun’Uego starts making a scene and tensions rise again. Everything calms a little when the party manage to persuade Torketh that Hoot Blackhawk and Dolgrim should go into the kitchen and prepare something edible.

Scene 3: Whilst the kitchen is in use, Torketh tells some of her story, how she was born in a Kaer in the dragon mountains but felt suffocated and so left. Meanwhile the party members in the kitchen form a plan to assassinate the talking Cadaverman through use of a flaming arrow. Torketh is telling the story of how she arrived at the Kaer and found her way in when Hoot and Dolgrim burst in and shoot the Cadaverman in the head. Chaos erupts, Cadavermen seize Hoot and Dolgrim and Dolgrim is manoeuvred to a position where he can have his hand cut off by one of the Cadavermen. Kun’Uego jumps to his feet and demands to be set free. Ibon manages to assuage the anger of the Nethermancer by offering Kret’chor in servant-hood, which Kret’chor readily agrees to. For insulting the Torketh, Hoot is confined to the bathroom and the dinner party continues.

Scene 4: Wine is brought up from the cellar and Kret’chor serves the Salmon cooked by Hoot. Hoot makes use of his time in the bathroom to attempt to escape by climbing down the toilet. He finds that the toilet is a simple pit dug beneath the loo and so is forced to climb back out. The party persuade Torketh to be allowed back to the table and tension is much eased by the liberal application of fine wine. Kret’chor then makes pudding using wine and trail rations. After dinner the party is given a tour of the Kaer and invited to the the retiring room for Brandy and Cigars. They play a number of games of cards before Bridge is suggested. Torketh is overjoyed by the suggestion and orders Kret’chor to bring her down to the retiring room. The dinner party is abruptly ended when Hoot stabs Torketh whilst they play bridge.


Its not clear to Darktray whether Dolgrim has lost a hand, and how Torketh survived a flaming arrow to the face…

My dinner with Zom-dre

Dolgrim did not lose a hand and the flaming arrow only shot the Cadaverman that Torketh was talking through.

My dinner with Zom-dre

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