Blinking into the sunlight

Meeting new people

Session 2

Scene 1: The party arrived at an idylic Orc farm where they worked in exchange for Liver Melt™ moonshine, eggs, milk and a place to sleep. They found that the Orcs don’t like to visit Althaven because they feel unwelcome there. The party was requested to take an Orc thief known as Kret’chor to Althaven with them as the farmer was sick of him stealing things. An Obsidiman farm hand known as Ibon also left the farm due to wanderlust.

Scene 2: The party stop at the village of Bad Ulricsberg for the night and enjoy the hospitality of the local tavern run by a retired wizard. And a very merry time is had by all.

Scene 3: Continuing on their way, the party is ambushed by a bunch of bandits. The bandits are driven off but not before knocking Hoot unconcious. Finally they arrive at Althaven but not before spending a sodden rain soaked night in the (totally inadequate) shelter of a large rock.



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