Blinking into the sunlight

Lurking in the dark

Session 4

Scene 1: The party are told by Helmut, the Kaer leader that the village is running low on materials such as metal. They are told that there are two Kaers nearby that have not emerged and the former Kaer of Bad Ulricsberg may also hold significant material. They decide to travel to Kaer Zweibel, two days journey away.

Scene 2: After searching for a number of hours they come across a likely looking cave system. They explore the caves and eventually find a hidden door, crafted to look like a plain rock face. They open the door and travel down, finding the wards on the doors breached and the massive stone slabs hanging open.

Scene 3: Travelling into the Kaer proper they find the common room filled with broken barricades and dead soldiers. Whilst searching through the bodies Kret’chor comes across some dried fernweave armour. Tentatively the party pushes deeper into the Kaer, alert for possible ambush. They pass through a number of levels, uninhabited for a number of years. Eventually they come across the room where the vast majority of people were killed in a horrific and drawn out manner. The gut wrenching horror is too much for some members and they are overwhelmed by the atmosphere. They are eventually able to move past and find a garden area totally stripped of life.

Scene 4: After much discussion the party decide to move the bodies to the garden area and burn them all. After a very difficult couple of hours they retire to bed outside of the Kaer. Upon waking they return to the Kaer and Darktray realises that there is no water source. They look round, investigating a nearby stream and eventually return to the gardens. Once there Hoot Blackhawk discovers that there is a sealed section.

Scene 5: The party open the sealed section to find a group of 25 Orks hidden in a second garden area. The Orks plead with the party to be left alone. Kret’chor stays with the Orks whilst the party return to the village and summon the help of Victor Ranrk and Ubrak Ranrk. They gather that strongest willed villagers and return to the Kaer. The bodies are then taken out of the Kaer and burned outside. The survivors are escorted to the farm that Ubrak Ranrk and Victor Ranrk run for rehabilitation.



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