Blinking into the sunlight

Creepier Crawlies

Session 5

Scene 1: The village is visited by a travelling troubadour on his way to a grand competition in Throal. He tells of a number pieces of news; a slave revolt in northern Thera close to the newly formed city of Cara Fahd, The northern city of Iopos has closed it’s doors to outsiders, A number of castles of unknown origin have been seen floating over the Aras sea by merchants, There is a conclave of the questors of Jaspree in Traver and Throal is considering giving Bartertown a Charter. The party also learns of the Thunder Mountain Games to be held at the end of September.

A Dwarven Road Warden by the name of Dolgrim arrives at the village. He has been brought in by Helmut to advise on the building of defences for the village. The party then set off for the former Kaer of Bad Ulricsberg.

Scene 2: Upon arriving at the Kaer they find the area around it stripped of significant vegetation. Dolgrim examines the scene and discovers that there are giant ants living in the Kaer, creatures renowned for hoarding bits of metal and other shiny things. He also finds that the way to get rid of them is to kill the queen. The party slowly and carefully make their way down into the Kaer. They soon bump into a worker ants which takes a sniff, expels a cloud of fumes that smell like bleach and coal and then runs away. A short time later the party is ambushed by a number of soldier ants. They fight them off without too much difficulty.

Scene 3: The party cover themselves in the blood of the soldier ants in order to act as a disguise. They then venture deeper into the Kaer. They find a large junction area where hundreds of ants of many different kinds are passing through. They easily explore the Kaer finding a number of Mycoreums where fungi are grown and the party is nearly overwhelmed by the apathic spores. They move through a number of rest areas, herd rooms filled with giant aphids and areas where larvae and pupae are nursed. One area is strangely deserted but the party trooped through regardless. While travelling through the room, Grug Ironblood drops through a trapdoor and is assaulted by a giant spider. He is quickly poisoned and cocooned and the spider starts to eat him. The rest of the party jump to the rescue and the spider is slain before it can finish off Grug Ironblood .

Scene 4: Passing deeper into the Kaer they find the Queen sat on a small island in what was once the growing area of the Kaer. Realising their intentions the queen summons soldiers to aid her and it becomes a desperate battle to take out the queen before they are overwhelmed by soldier ants rushing to her rescue. She is killed but both Grug Ironblood and Kret’chor are badly wounded in the fight. The exhausted party find a number of items with a magical signature and haul as much of the Queen’s hoarded metal back to the village as possible.


First soldier ant fight – fight them off without too much difficulty? Kun’Uego’s ego begs to differ after getting sprayed with ant glue and being taken out of the fight. Not to mention it’s effect on the outfit! ;-)

Creepier Crawlies

Despite the embarrassment dealt to more members of the party than just Kun’Uego, the game was a fantastic success. You killed the things and got the loot and to top it all off no one died. This time..

Creepier Crawlies

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