Blinking into the sunlight

Behind the (Elemental) Iron Curtain

Session 3

Scene 1: The party arrives at the town of Althaven at 1 in the afternoon. After briefly being dazed by the reek of a medieval town they enter and attempt to extract information for a nearby tavern, The Drowned Duck. The only occupant, a one armed Orc barman is not particularly helpful and the only piece of info they can garner is that all visitors are kicked out of the city at 3.They leave the city and make camp on the other side of the river.

Scene 2: Hoot Blackhawk takes uses the cover of darkness to sneak into the city and scope it out. He finds nothing suspicious other than a large number of people leaving the temple.

Scene 3: The party return to the city the following day for further nosing around. Darktray talks enters a weavers shop and discovers that the astral aura of the shop owner is unusually weak. He also discovers that the name of the town lord is Lord Renly. The others enter a blacksmiths and fence the loot liberated from the bandits. On the way to the temple they discover that all the residents have down cast auras.

Scene 4: The party visit the temple and discover nothing of any interest other than the fact that the statues of three of the gods are missing. When leaving they are surrounded by the captain of the guard and his goons. After a couple of convincing if not particularly well thought out lies they are escorted to the castle.

Scene 5: Hoot Blackhawk sneaks away under the cover of a very convincing distraction by Grug Ironblood and Kun’Uego is taken in to give a (non-existent) message to Lord Renly. Kun’Uego’s conversation with Lord Renly does not go well and the whole party other than Hoot Blackhawk is ejected from the city.

Scene 6: Whilst the rest of the party reunites with Kret’chor and Ibon, Hoot Blackhawk hides in the castle. After being forced to feel from the castle guards, Hoot Blackhawk discovers a number of speeches written by Lord Renly for the local priest reinforcing a cult of personality. He then rejoins the others.

Scene 7: Their mission complete. The party return to Kaer Bad Stromberg, advise them to avoid the city like the pague and aid the village in moving to the pre-scourage site of thier village.



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